Welcome to the Artistic Blacksmithing Course

Class #1: Introduction

Introduction to the Artistic Blacksmithing Course to learn how to use the GRAN TOTEM Artistic Blacksmithing Kit and make all kinds of iron crafts using the different tools in the kit. In this class we know the different pieces of the kit and the other tools that we will need to start working.

Class #2: Molds to make Curls

In this class we learn to bend rollers using the rolled molds with the help of the bar bender, the lock and the pressure clamp.

Class #3: Circles

We learn to make Circles and a trick to know how much to cut the iron according to the diameter we want.

Class #4: Bending Fork

In this class we learn how to use the Bending Fork and its importance.

Class #5: First Crafts!! We make a small Tree

We make an Iron Tree that can be given various uses, depending on what we want. We can use it to hang keys, photos, pots or as a coat rack. This is the first Craft I recommend doing to learn how to use the tools and molds from the blacksmith kit.

Class #6: Learn how to make a Poster! Quick and Easy!!

In this video I show you how to make a Handcrafted Iron Sign in a very easy and simple way using a 1/2″ wide x 3/16″ thick (5mm) Iron Plate. It can also be made with 1/8″ thick (3mm) iron, but I recommend reinforcing or using a stronger iron for the base, so it doesn't bend over time. In the video there are all the measures to cut the irons and bend them with the molds of the Artistic Blacksmithing Kit.

How to make 2 easy Figures without Welding

Learn how to make a Planter and a centerpiece easily with a 6mm thick round iron rod without welding. 

Cinderella's Carriage

We learn to make a Carriage inspired by Cinderella's Carriage. It can be used as a centerpiece to decorate 15th birthdays, weddings, baptisms, etc. Ideal to attract the attention of the guests at the Sweet table or the main table. 

You can also make the modifications and improvements that you think are convenient! 

Un Macetero Mariposa

Aprende a hacer un MACETERO de HIERRO con forma de MARIPOSA doblando hierro en frio con los moldes del KIT para HERRERÍA ARTÍSTICA. Fácil! Usando 3 varillas de 6mm de diámetro (1/4″) cortadas a 85cm de largo. Muy buena idea para regalar o para vender y hacer algún dinero extra! 🤑😁

To be continue...

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